The Refugee Ministry in Kenya has been planting churches and other religious institutions, which are to be a door to the rest of Great Lakes countries (Burundi, Congo, and Uganda).

From 1998 Bro. Nkurunziza Jean De La Paix has been working with a French ministry, which was started by other brother refugees from Great Lakes in 1996. He ministers the French speakers from Rwanda, Burundi, and Congo. All of them are refugees from these countries. There are a good number of people in all corners of Nairobi, including the main refugee camp of Kakuma which is almost 1200km from Nairobi.

The minimum number of people living in Kenya, especially in Nairobi, is about 10,000. And this number increases daily due to the problem of tribal fighting which has uprooted the surrounding countries.

Very few Protestant Church members are accommodated by the Protestant Churches in Kenya. This is because of many implications based on how these churches are organized, tradition, culture and the languages.

The civil wars, which have ravaged these countries for many years, many innocent people ended up in hardship life in foreign lands around the world, Nairobi being one of the centers where many refugees from Great Lakes are found. This is because Kenya is one of the African countries where at least peace has reigned for awhile.

Some of these people are aged, widows, orphans, youths, and indeed the small children.

Bro. Nkurunziza Jean De La Paix has personally witnessed many atrocities there. He has seen many young girls end up in prostitution in order to earn money for bread and shelter and which the direct result is losing the purpose of their life and being infected with HIV/AIDS. Many of the orphaned children have ended up as street children. Sexual abuse has been reported among the young boys by the old rich women. As a matter of fact to be a refugee is not easy, as any one can understand. In many cases refugees are regularly subjected to all kind of abuses: many have died for the reasons which would be prevented if someone somewhere cared (stressed, hungry, lonely, and being isolated). Refugee women, children, and aged people are particularly vulnerable though to in this matter none is spared. All of these resulted from many reasons including: (1) The disturbing tendency to close the doors to asylum seekers. (2) Relates to violations of the minimum rights of asylum seekers during the process of applying for asylum and after refugee status has been granted. UN Humanitarian and social agencies have failed to provide any kind of assistance to refugees.

It is for this reason only, that under the sun, that major problems emerge when people try to find help in the world, which is not there. The only real help is PEACE. The world has forgotten that the real peace is found nowhere else except in JESUS CHRIST.

If these people could/can lack all these kinds of physically assistance, but afford to get Spiritual care, then they would/will be more happier and know true peace and love. Bro. Nkurunziza Jean De La Paix has for months experienced a push from Holy Spirit to serve these people in spiritual realm so that we as Christian we can pray for an alternative to these UN agencies by reassuming responsibilities in society and thus to offer to these people what this world can not offer them (SAVE THEIR SOULS).

Bro. Nkurunziza Jean De La Paix mission was to minister theses refugee people from Great Lakes. As he says in his own words, "But as far as I am concerned the work has been like a drop of water in ocean. Many are still unreached consequently, they are perishing physically as well as spiritually."

They meet every Sunday for worship at Nairobi Church of Christ. This church has accorded them a place to conduct their Sunday service in the French language and it will go ahead to do so. They have also started a Branch of the Seminary there in Nairobi to help these people get a proper education in the ways of Christ and Christian living.

To continue on with this great and demanding work, Bro. Nkurunziza Jean De La Paix needs our prayers and support.

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